We are so thankful for your invention. My husband is pushing 83, I'll be 75 this Friday. We live in the mountains of North Carolina and heat with wood. As we have gotten older we we're wondering how are we going to be able to continue being independent on doing our kindling. Yeah, we found the Cracker. We bought it after Thanksgiving and are so thankful. Blessings to you and your family for raising a smart young lady. We have been recommending this to all our friends, young and old. Waiting for your next helpful item. God bless you. Ros, USA

I purchased a Kindling Cracker a year and a half ago and just love it. Ginger, CA

I've had the Kindling Cracker King now for 3 months, and I absolutely love it.  Making great use of it in our Canadian winter.  I can split large pieces of wood.  It is truly a fantastic tool for making kindling.  Within a few minutes I've got enough kindling to last several fires.  My hat is off to you for making such a high quality product.  Thank you! Rod, CA

Just bought the King Kindling Cracker from Amazon and love it. Jim, USA

Thank you!  Love fires and bought a wood burning stove a couple of years ago and had a challenge starting fires; usually going out or smoldering a bit.  Saw the King Cracker and bought one.  Now building a fire is quick and easy.  I crack small pieces of pallet wood I cut up to use as cross members between the small wood layers I split on the King Cracker.  With a few pieces of news paper, the fire is going in no time at all due to the air flow between the wood.  Wow!  So while it's been a while since I bought the Cracker, I still wanted you to know how life is so much easier.  Fire making has been made simple for this old man.  Thanks!!! David, USA

My Kindling Cracker just arrived from Amazon here in Toronto.  In the last 20 mins I split out more firewood than I would otherwise have done in a week and my arthritic hands don't ache.  Roderick, CA

Just to let Ayla know we've been using the large Kindling Cracker for about a month now..  It's getting colder here in Washington State, USA but even I can make kindling faster than my husband now.  Thanks Ayla for a great product!  I hope you can go on to make many more cool inventions! Joyce 

Hello Ayla and All at Kindling Cracker, I received a Kindling Cracker for Christmas last year, and it is now my favorite of all tools. I gave a Kindling Cracker to my sister for her Birthday, and now she too is a convert! I’m a Set Decorator and Prop Stylist, my husband, Matt, is an acting and voice teacher in NYC. Together we've owned a log cabin in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York for the past 25 years. For the past 5 years we’ve rented the cabin to hundreds of guests. We'd love to sell the Kindling Cracker on our site. Thanks for creating such a great product!  Ellen

Hi all, Im very excited to have just placed an order for the kindling cracker. I wanted to share a story with you it’s a little long but I am so excited to get my kindling cracker and try it out I wanted you to know why. A couple of years back I stumbled across info on the kindling cracker and thought wow will show my husband as he always cuts the kindling before he heads away for work as I’m not that good at cutting the kindling and for me to ask for help is something I don’t always do as I am kind of hands on type of girl. I love having a box fire going over winter as it such a nice heat my husband is such a loving dad and husband and wants to do the chopping of the kindling and has done so for many years without problems. The day before he was meant to leave for work to be away for a week he was finishing his jobs around the home and one being make sure there is enough kindling. So I’m at work and I get a call “I need you to come home, I have cut my finger while cutting kindling” omg I went into mum mood and asked a million questions but knowing my husband isn’t good with blood the cut size I wasn’t to sure how big but knew if he didn’t need an ambulance then surly it wasn’t that big so I raced home and my husband had his finger wrapped up so I prepared myself as I looked at it. I could see he was ok but when I saw the cut I was thinking “is that it,  men what you going to do” about 1cm cut and would need stitches as I’ve done first aid before. We get to the hospital and turns out my husband needed an operation as even that the cut was small it was location of the cut that was the problem. He had nearly cut all the way through a tendon in his finger. The axe had bounced off the wood and had nicked his finger. After the op the next day I was chatting with my husband and told him “remember the conversation about the kindling cracker we had all those months again ? Well guess what I’m getting one now” I also mentioned the saying in this case “wife is always right if only he had of listened to me when I first showed him the clip on the kindling cracker. Anyway now you can see why I am so excited about getting my kindling cracker. My husband is doing well he spent overnight in hospital, 8 weeks his hand was in a special splint so he couldn’t move his finger as the doctor said “a cut tendon is like sewing wet spaghetti together” my husband has been doing two months of rehab to get the strength and movement back in his finger. Hope you don’t mind me sharing my story with you. Kind regards Bernadette

Just bought it today and I had to try it immediately. I was thrilled to use a product that actually works the way it says it will. I was so impressed with it, I showed my neighbors the ease of use. Your design and simplicity of it is remarkable. I’m looking forward to making tons of kindling this winter. Thank you once again for creating a product beyond impressive....RJ, CA

I love that you saw a need and filled it with something safe! I will tell my grandaughters about you and your wonderful  invention.BRAVO! Ken, USA

Kindling cracker arrived safely last week . It is excellent ! No more swinging the old heavy splitter . The rest of this winter it will be a breeze to keep the fire stoked . Caroyln

Hi there, we have one of your first crackers, still going strong, love it to bits. Do you sell those cute kindling bags/sacks too?? Would love one to carry the wood back to the house, save me getting covered in wood bits! Keep up the great work, hope you're selling masses worldwide. Fiona x, NZ

Hi, The Kindling cracker arrived incredibly quickly.  You should be justifiably proud of your shipping / communication system it is most impressive. The Kindling cracker was exactly as advertised and stunningly effective. I will be recommending your product and company as widely as I can. Thank you.Regards Peter

Hello - I just want to say this is one of the most fabulous & outstanding products I have bought (& I am a consummate consumer!!) .. I am 66 years old, live on my own & work 5 days a week.  I am pretty good with an axe .. but my back starts to ache and chopping kindling with an axe is tedious & time-consuming.  Your product has made my life easier and it is actually fun to use.  Thank you so, so much.  Of course, I have recommended it to everyone I know who has a wood fire.  Another plus is that I can chop my jarrah firewood whenever I need kindling instead of buying 4kg bags from the local IGA  at $12 a bag (which is ridiculous).  Kind regards, Stephanie, AU

Received by courier today, thanks, and immediately put to good use. It is a great device and has made preparation of kindling much easier, and fun. david, AU

Dear Kindling Cracker Team, I just wanted to write this note and thank you so much for your wonderful service.  I could not believe the quick delivery.   I am very happy with my kindling cracker and the grandkids are lining up to cut the kindling for me even it that doesn't last for long I will also be happy to cut kindling again. It is safe and so quick to use.  I wish you all the best for your furture with this and will be telling all my elderly friends about it..   Many thanks Donna, NZ

A big thank you for sending me the hammer I forgot to request when I bought my King Cracker earlier this week.  I'm loving my King Cracker even more than my original.  10/10 for great customer service.  Cheers, Sue

Hi there, I've just ordered and received your Kindling Cracker. Thanks so much, it's fantastic! I am amazed at how easy it is to split the wood and knowing I'm going to have my fingers at the end of it is a huge bonus. Thanks again for a great invention and I will be recommending your product to my friends. Best regards Fiona, Hawkes Bay 

This is the most popular tool in our camper. Perfect for kids! They can reduce a pile of logs to kindling in no time flat and they fight over who gets to use it! Scott. USA

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am to have received my Kindling Cracker less than 24 hours after ordering and paying for it. And I live in rural Taranaki.  Outstanding service. I am very pleased with the Cracker and the hammer and easily filled a 40 litre container of kindling in minutes. Awesome. Carol, NZ

This thing is awesome! A great product and actually works! I was skeptical, but my wife purchased it for me as a gift and I can't say enough good things about it! I use it all the time. Can't wait to go camping and use it there so everyone can see how well it works. Bob, USA

I purchased the King Kindling Cracker in the fall of 2017 and have been experimenting with it since then. I'm a first time wood burning stove owner at 63 years old. Recently, I realized all I need to do to start a fire is to create some kindling out of "only" one log, add just a few wads of newspaper and voila, I get a fire going really easy.  Once the kindling burns down a bit, I put on a log or two and have a great fire.  I achieve a great fire in less than 10 minutes.  I found a lot of "how to build a fire in your wood burning stove" instructions on the internet but nothing as easy as this how I'm able to do it with the Kindling Cracker. I use to start fires using newspaper and fat wood with full size logs.  It would smoke a lot and that is not what you want.  It would also take a long time to get burning and heat up. It's true the Kindling Cracker doesn't do well at all on logs with knots in them but even chain saws don't attempt cutting through that.  I create kindling out of straight, even grain logs and I do have plenty of those in my wood delivery.So I just wanted you to know it's a great invention and worth the money I spent.  It is really a time saver.   Thanks again, Dave, New York

Kindling cracker absolutely brilliant. Well done! Gill

Hi Ayla,we are very impressed with the website, communication and speed of delivery just before Christmas of our two Christmas gifts crackers. (see what I did there...) (dad joke). Thank you from us here in Monavale. Peter

Have one and it is the best tool ever!!! Patty

Please pass this on to Ayla, We have followed you for the last 5 years, since we met you at Fieldays & went on the list to purchase a kindle cracker. Since then we have bought them as gifts for family. Congrats on your success & completing school, we are sure you will make a success of what ever you do in the future. Merry Christmas & enjoy the summer. Sue & Ross

Just want to let you know that I bought the small kracker today - and my is it a cracker! Such a great invention - many thanks for more environmentally friendly kindling! Peter 

Hi, A very belated thanks for the free mallet you sent at Easter time. I just wanted to write and say how much we have loved the kindling cracker over winter. It's just so awesome! My 8 year old has got into a wee business of selling bundles of kindling around the neighbourhood and now has about $45 in the bank. He has just been awesomely independent when it comes to the splicing!  So again, thanks very much. We think this is such a great tool and have been showing it off to our visitors. They even like to give it a go :) I must jump on your website to see if the kindling carry sacks are on there yet...Have a great week, Kind regards Lucy

Dear Kindling Cracker, I'm writing to say a  big thank you for my wonderful XL Kindling Cracker.  The whole online purchase was easy and hassle free with delivery follow ups that were much appreciated and gave us confidence that the product would arrive on time - and it did! We are now able to split the extra large pieces of firewood safely and simply with a few hefty bangs of the hammer and hey presto - all done.  We highly recommend this amazing product - it's worth every penny.Know of anyone who wants to purchase a couple of redundant axes??! Thanks and cheers, GT Sarah Papatoetoe

I was so impressed with the fast postage time and am extremely happy with the kindling cracker.  What a fantastic product. My 3 boys all love cutting the kindling now and it's a great peace of mind knowing that they are safe. Regards Melanie 

Hey there, not an enquiry, Just a bit of feedback. I got my thingy a couple of days ago and am very impressed. It makes it so easy I've reduced half my woodheap to small sticks, as every time I walk by I have to stop and bash a couple of logs through it. I've just purchased one for my 75 year old mum too. Big ups to Ayla for being a clever person.Cheers, Bernard

Just wanted to let Ayla know that I purchased the Kindling Cracker and like using it very much.  thanks Keep up the good work. Lou

We ordered a Cracker and Love it. Frank would hack away with an axe making kindling wood before our Cracker and now it's a breeze.  Thank you so much for your excellent product! Darlene and Frank 

I am from Canada and I received my kindling cracker splitter just over a week ago. I have been cutting and splitting wood for over 40 years to heat my homes. I have seen many tools for splitting wood come and go. But this splitter is staying close at hand as it such a remarkable device to split wood with little effort and great safety. It is well constructed and is designed to be stable when using.  I am also very pleased to purchase an item from a fellow Commonwealth country. Once again, you have a winning product.  I know once Canadians learn of this product your sales will increase.  Cheers David

I received my Cracker on Monday here in Germany and it was immediately taken by my mightily impressed mother-in-law for a test drive. ;) Very well done, hope I'll get it back soon for my own pleasure. ;)   Daniel

Got my Kindling Cracker King in Canada love it and it's a beast. Thanks Perry

WOW!! My kindling Cracker King has arrived. Its a lot bigger than I realised but thats no problem. What a great looking piece of kit and has first edition on it. Cant wait to try it. Colin

Dear Kindling Cracker people. My sons pitched in and bought me a kindling cracker for my birthday, after I told them I would like one. I. LOVE.IT.! A couple of taps and the wood is stuck in place, ready to get hammered by the sledgehammer. One handedly. My cracker is up on a big cut round so I'm not bending over constantly to kindling up my wood. If any of the wood has knots in it, I just keep at it and it splits. Not much effort required. Thanks for being sooo smart and inventing this. Very happy customer. Suz

I bought it in Japan. Very convenient and very fun wood splitting. Mitsuhiko

I have received my Kindling Cracker (New Zealand). The quality is excellent. I've tried it out this morning and it works perfectly. I couldn't be happier. Great work Kindling Cracker Ltd. You've successfully delivered a quality product within three months of your Kickstarter Campaign funding. I couldn't be happier. Eric

My son-in-law bought one for himself, then another for a friend of his and then one for me Fantastic invention love using it. I have a feeling I will be splitting more wood then I need for next winter. Thanks again. Patrick

I can't believe my kindlingcracker is still in one piece! I've beaten the living daylights out of this thing since my wife got it for me a couple of Christmases ago. You guys must make these things out of old UFO parts. What is even more amazing is the blade is as sharp as it was the day I got it and I have put a tremendous amount of wood through it.   Keep up the great work. These days, it's a privilege to come into contact with a truly superior product.   Bill Grapevine, Texas

I purchased one of your smaller ones and love using it so much thank you! Kind regards Sandi

I am from Canada and I received my kindling cracker splitter just over a week ago. I have been cutting and splitting wood for over 40 years to heat my homes. I have seen many tools for splitting wood come and go. But this splitter is staying close at hand as it such a remarkable device to split wood with little effort and great safety. It is well constructed and is designed to be stable when using.  I am also very pleased to purchase an item from a fellow Commonwealth country. One suggestion, it would be wise to indicate on the device the location of manufacturing.  Many people grow tired of seeing "designed in a western nation", to learn that it is just another product made in China. Once again, you have a winning product.  I know once Canadians learn of this product your sales will increase.  Cheers David

We ordered a Cracker and Love it. Frank would hack away with an axe making kindling wood before our Cracker and now it's a breeze.  Thank you so much for your excellent product! Darlene and Frank 

Just wanted to let Ayla know that I purchased the Kindling Cracker and like using it very much.  thanks Keep up the good work. Lou

Hey there, not an enquiry, Just a bit of feedback. I got my thingy a couple of days ago and am very impressed. It makes it so easy I've reduced half my woodheap to small sticks, as every time I walk by I have to stop and bash a couple of logs through it. I've just purchased one for my 75 year old mum too. Big ups to Ayla for being a clever person.Cheers, Bernard

Hi ya, Bought one of these for ourselves and was blown away with how easy and efficient it is. Have just now ordered one for our son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Well done Ayla.  Lesley

Just received the Kindling Cracker for an anniversary gift from my wife. Totally love it! Definitely one of the more manly items in my man arsenal!   Steve

This is the best ever invention. I received one for a birthday present and it's brilliant! Makes making kindling so easy. Daina

Just opened my Fathers Day present "KindlingCracker" what a great idea. This is coming from an old Boy Scout whom has split many a log into kindling.   Jeff

Yes, I am shouting! I'm telling everyone! Thanks for creating something incredibly valuable.
From Central Victoria (Goldfields) in Australia xx.  Lissanne

Hi. I bought your Kindling Cracker today and already love it. It is a great idea and a great product. I live in Candler NC USA and it is winter and time to keep the wood stove going. Thanks Richard

Got mine for Christmas. I had given up splitting wood because of torn rotators in both shoulders. This tool makes me smile every time I use it. Easy on the shoulders and works like a charm. Thanks to my family for getting it and Ayla for inventing it. George

Proud new owner of the Kindling Cracker! So easy and effective, chopping wood is no longer a chore, love it! Andrew

Excellent trade and amazing product and packaging. Vicky

A present for my Nana. Awesome invention!  Josh

Great trade, great product, thank you. Zane

Kindling cracker arrived in St. John's, NL, Canada. It's amazing!  Emily

Cheers team, KC arrived today and works bloody well - until my eight... year old neice commandeered the hammer and started cranking out kindling at a high rate of knots! great wee invention!

My Kindling Cracker arrived this morning & I have used it. AWESOME !...!! Can't wait to see what other 'great inventions' you come up with. Brilliant work - keep up the fantastic work !

Great excitement here today when the KC arrived - the whole family have had a blast using it. It was for my Mum's 60th birthday and she thinks it was worth turning 60 for!
The musical sounds it makes were an unexpected bonus - quite like a wind chime!
Cheers Jeremy


10 days or so ago I bought a kindling cracker for our daughter & family who live on a few acres out of Melbourne.
 Well, what a huge success it has been, they are absolutely thrilled with it & cannot believe how simple it is to work.
Our daughter is even allowed to cut the kindling again !!!!!, as previously she had been banned because of nearly cutting her fingers (& toes) off with the axe.
They said it worked even better than they imagined  & really like the fact that the wood doesn’t fly up at your face.
A really worthwhile purchase for us, thank you. 
Ann & David

Dear Ayla,
We recently purchased a kindling cracker and we have nothing but admiration for your neat invention.The ordering process and delivery etc was excellent and we hope orders start coming in all over the world...you deserve success.
Well done and thank you. Jos & Tony

Best thing since I left the Boy Scouts 70 years ago!!

Hi! What a great product - congratulations. I bought one recently for my husband and how great that I can let my children use it safely too!
the product is FANTASTIC. Genevieve

Thank you so much for the prompt rural delivery of the Kindling Cracker.
Since I lost my loved husband 6 mths ago the only thing that I was concerned with was losing my fingers or cutting my hand whilst cutting kindling on my lifestyle block. Not using the chainsaw or crutching ewes etc or any maintenance. So today after it arrived whilst raining I managed a barrow load of kindling in 20mins.
Such a simple idea Ayla but what a life saver for me.
Thank you so much. Joanne.

My Kindling Cracker arrived this morning and I used it to make my first kindling at once. It's terrific! Works really well, and is safe to use. What a great invention. Very impressive. Many thanks for your ingenious and thoughtful product. Good luck and many thanks once again. Anne

I would like to start your morning with a huge high five for my new kindling cracker. Amazing and will be even better when I find a log to bolt it to. I can now imagine still cutting chips well into my golden days. Vivienne

Just got our Kindling Cracker from a friend in NZ. Best gift ever! Meredith

Thank you so much for our Kindling Cracker - our 9yr old has been spending time doing her new job of cracking chips T  she may even try and sell some! Maree

Great piece of kit, hope it always stays 'made in New Zealand'   Adam

I have one of these and it's gotta be the best invention ever. Even my 6 year old grandson has used it to chop kindling. Safe cod there's no swinging axe.  Alan

Used mine for the first time tonight. . Very impressive made the process a breeze and super fun! Nice one. Glen

Best thing I ever bought!!! .  Doug

These are great! My husband came home from the field days with one.   Maree

Love it!! Got a bit carried away and now have lots of kindling smile emoticon Thanks for creating such a great product.  Deborah

Well done on Fielday sales, great product & my kids love helping using the Kindling Cracker Cheers Warwick

Such an awesome tool ,so safe but very effective.  Stephen

I have just used mine and it was brilliant love it.  Jan

My brother got us one from field days, awesome lil thing! Tina

We love ours. Hubby, me and the 3 kids.  Katie

Love my kindling cracker! Have had many envious people watch it perform in awe! Glen

Brought one - love it and the kids will love it too hopefully wink emoticon well done Ayla!  Jane

Brilliant bit of kit, love chopping the kindling up so much now that Jacqui Woodford and I argue about whose turn it is.  Might have to get another one and have kindling cracker races! Nice one Ayla, I wish you every success. Ian

Yeap..my kids have been fighting over who gets to do it to! We have heaps of kindling pre-cut! Well done on a great invention. Carmen

Just got delivery of our Kindling Cracker and have spent the last hour playing and having the best fun replenishing our kindling supply.playing and having the best fun replenishing our kindling supply. What a fabulously amazing invention and so, so easy to use replenishing our kindling supply. What a fabulously amazing invention and so, so easy to use. Jacqui

We love our kindling cracker. My son loves it the most!   Katie

We love our Kindling Cracker - my 10year old chops all our Kindling and infact her Uncle employs her to chop his kindling too. Safe and easy to use. Highly recommended! !   Maree

It is fantastic. No more axe injuries, no more standing outside to cut. Now my 7&5yr old cut the kindling inside with this using the rubber mallet. Unreservedly recommend it.  Vicky

Absolutely ingenious - I love mine!! Thanks to Ayla and Kindling Cracker for gifting us one! Great to meet Ryan from Northern Tool & Equipment at Mystery Creek Fieldays in lil 'ol NZ !!  Alison

Great and Safe tool,great for Adults and Children.  Stuart

This amazing tool has take NZ by storm. Everyone with a wood fire should have one, so safe to do to most dangerous job. Even young children could do the task. The story behind it is a modern day fairy story, a fantasy come true. It took a young girl to come up with the idea, well done Ayla.   Lesley

Love my kindling cracker! Highly recommend them smile emoticon.  Sue

Amazing piece of kit, a must have for every home!   Eddie

Love my kindling cracker. Love the safety it provides.  Andrea

I'm loving mine! I can finally make my own fire and don't need to rely on hubby to cut all the kindling. It's good to see such a solid, well made tool at a reasonable price. A great Kiwi invention Jayne

We have one and we bought one for the oldies. They are awesome! Highly recommend.   Jo

I bought them as Christmas presents two years ago. My 81 yr old father, & 9 yr old granddaughter love them. Last week my parents had visitors, for Fieldays, who enjoyed for using it so much Dad won't have to chop kindling for a few months. They then went to Fieldays & ordered some.  Sue

The Kindling Cracker is awesome! I got my partner one at Fieldays this year and he's out there every chance chopping kindling. We've got so much kindling now... but it's chopped safely and easily smile emoticon Fantastic product, highly recommend!  Rachel

Thanks for the fast hassle free trade. Excellent product. Faster than splitting with Axe and safer. AAA + + +  Nathan

The Kindling Cracker is just fantastic too - we received one as a gift from my parents. I consider myself pretty strong and fit as I've spent years in a job that requires heavy lifting, but I found it hard to line up the wood and split it in the right place. It's given me so much freedom being able to quickly and easily split kindling while my husband's at work without having to leave the kids for too long. A great Christmas gift for anyone with a fireplace!     Amy           

My Kindling Crackers arrived yesterday, I am surprised at how quickly they made it to rural Canada. Thanks for the fast shipping. They look to be really well-made pieces of equipment, very stout, excellent weight - good, solid splitters. It is so refreshing to find a product that is both designed & built to such high quality, these days. Worth every nickel.   Dan

Great trade, superfast delivery & recommend the kindling cracker, it works very well. Ron

Good fast friendly trade. Quick delivery would trade with again. Quintin

Perfect!  Thanks so so much for your wonderful invention.  Keri

Fantastic trade... Awesome cause and great company to deal with... Couldn't be happier :-) Russell 
(Kids Foundation charity auction)

I now have a wonderful new NZ made and designed kindling splitter- enjoying it very much.Thank you. Keep innovating!  Kim

Excellent trade. Very prompt delivery and well packaged. Created a lot of interest from  family members keen to try it. Many thanks for a awesome product...A++++   Elizabeth

Great trade, Dad was so pleased with it. Thank you  A++++++  Tony

The Kindling Cracker arrived very promptly. After a bit of practice and experimentation I found that almost any size kindling can be made. Moving to the outer edge of the blade works well for smaller pieces as the side pressure is less as the stick goes down. If it still begins to snap prematurely you can always turn it round and finish from the other end. The KC stood up to quite a lot of punishment in the form of over-strikes with no damage. Very happy with my purchase. Well worth the price.  John

Quick delivery, well packed, brilliant trade. Thank you. A++ Michael

We love the kindling cracker! Great trade, thanks. Natalie

Excellent trade thank you. Makes very easy work chopping kindling wood. Karin

Quick delivery, well packed, brilliant trade thanks. Hez

Awesome product, husband no where to be seen since opening the box - somewhere in the woodshed. Timely delivery - awesome trade.  Sandra

Great trader Easy as 123 AAA1+.  varick

Excellent service, speedy delivery, highly recommend to all trade me buyer out there. 5 star rating from. Donald

Excellent trade - received 24 hours after payment, thanks.  Most importantly the Kindling Cracker is a genius product and we couldn't be happier.  Very easy & safe to use & very effective.  Marvellous. Denise

Great trade, 100% Mark

thanks for the trade.all good. Grant

Just got to a huge thanks as we bort one at the feildays and its been great as I haven't had a cut a stick of kindling since as now my 11 year old boy does it all for me and I don't have the wife saying " DON'T GET HIM TO CUT THE KINDLING AS HE WILL CUT A FINGER OFF!!!!!!, " Ha not anymore , safe as houses , every house should have one. Aaron

Great trader quick and easy A+++. Cathie

Excellent Trader. Kaye

Wow, love it.
What a fantastic invention. We will no longer have to go and collect pinecones to dry out for the winter to use for kindling. Thanks Ayla you have made life a lot easier.
Cheers Ngaire

Excellent trade thank you. Makes very easy work chopping kindling wood. Karin

Great work guys, I used mine tonight, well my 6 year old son used it. Daryl

Awesome trade, great product, definitely recommend. Shelley

Love this product thanks . Tina

Hi guys, just wanted to thank you so much for the KC & Hammer I won.... I tried it out today and it's awesome! My husband is extremely impressed with it. Thanks again, it's going to be used a lot! :) Jaimee

Great trade, great instrument. Thanks for an excellent trade . Jan

Great product.  Arrived fast and works really well. Andrew

Great Trade, thank you. Marie

Excellent trader and a pleasure to deal with.  Thanks again guy's. Steve

Awesome product, well packaged and presented.  Thanks guy's. Steve

Great trade, thanks. Natalie

Thank you, love our Kindling Cracker! Does exactly what it is supposed to! So much safer than an axe!  Clive

Just wanted to say my 10 year old just loves the KC & won't stop chopping wood! And my friends daughter, they were fighting each other for it in the weekend so thanks again! cheers Deb

Easy, fast, hassle free trade! Thanks :) Rhondda

An easy purchase with quick delivery. Mark

Fantastic Trader. Leanne

Cool as a cool thing and works well, brilliant invention. Gareth

Excellent trade and product, thank you. Catherine

Arrived safely & quickly.  Good trade. Debbie

Fabulous product. Swift delivery and friendly correspondence. Recommended! Katrina

Quick and efficient, Great product and would happily trade again. Haeg

Excellent trader and a pleasure to deal with.  Thanks again guy's. Steve

Great trade, very pleased with product. thanks. Deidre

Awesome stuff! The Mrs loves it! Now she can get the fire on!!! :-) Jim

It is brilliant and I have saved 3 fingers in one nights use, thanks Cory

I LOVE MY KINDLING CRACKER! Best tool ever! My Dad also loves his. The look on his face when he had a go of mine was priceless!
Regards Jaime

Great item and great cause to support. Very fast delivery 5-star service! Thanks! Lloyd 
(Ayla supporting the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust with an online Auction)

Hi Ayla, 
I would just like to thank you so much for making such a great invention, as well as being a great looking piece of equipment the kindling cracker is just so easy to use and is perfect for making the smaller pieces of wood for my Pizza oven too, I have found we have been eating a lot of pizza over the last month! I have demonstrated it to all my friends and family and most of them have now ordered one from you. 
Something you may find amusing is while my wife and I were away over the weekend , my children had a get-together and it appears everyone had a go with the kindling Cracker and to my amazement and shock they turned 90% of my year’s supply of firewood into kindling, the only bits remaining are the pieces which are basically just one big knot.
Kindling was always a problem at our house, but not any more as we now have enough Kindling for the next two years!
Thank you again for inventing such a fabulous product. Best regards Alan

Awesome thanks so much. Very prompt delivery, Fantastic invention. Tracey

I have purchased two of the crackers and they are brilliant!! Well done Ayla :)
I would like to order another one, Jim and Carolyn 

I gave my 83 year old mother one recently - wow, you should see her go!! She has so much kindling now that I may end up with next year's supply already done for me. She really loves it and I am happy that she is safer than with a little ax. Lindsey

Have just been given one as an early Xmas present from my beloved! I've had a couple of turns and it is indeed a cracker!! I took the advice on the leaflet and secured it to my chopping block and that makes a huge difference. So far so good - trouble is I might end up with more kindling than blocks of wood! Great invention and worth having one. John

Brilliant! Thank you very much :)  Emma 

Awsome trade great product it's a winner Thanks. Andrew

I have been away on holiday took the cracker with me , you should be getting orders from my friends. It works brilliantly , I have cut all that I need and am marketing it for you down here in the deep south,by word of mouth .and giving practical demonstrations to all I meet great for my disabled friends, Just retired from my teaching job . Keep.up the great work . Jan

I've just bought one of these gadgets for Bryan - its amazing!!....if you're still chopping kindling for your fire in the winter - have a look - great xmas pressie too!! Jan

Best thing we ever did, getting this device for getting the firewood ready during winter.  No more near misses and catching your fingers. Gordon

Kindling Cracker is fantastic, I now have boxes of kindling ready for next winter. So easy I have never been able to cut kindling before (sore wrists) and not enough strength. Thank you so much for your great invention. Suzanne

I am delighted with my Kindling Cracker!   I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have struggled with chopping kindling so feel it has given me back my independence.
Thank you so much
Kind regards

Excellent product.  Well made, strong, practical, super easy to use and safe.  I use a wheelchair and my arms are "stuffed" and was having real trouble slitting my kindling.  Not any more.  Thanks- keep the good ideas coming!

It arrived a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to try it out. Does a fantastic job, no more bruises for me. Simple design, practical and even better being invented by a girl! Well done Ayla and I wish you all the success with it. 

Fantastic tool...so simple, practical and straightforward to use.... and even more impressive that it has been invented by a 13yr old girl! Prime example of "kiwi ingenuity" . I'm sure this will become a worldwide best seller. WELL DONE! 

Thanks so much.....love our Kindling Cracker....
Will try and send a photo, but while not in use it is a fantastic stand for my umbrella in the corner of my lounge!!!!
Thanks again and good luck - you and your family are amazing....well done!!

Have received our new Kindling Cracker, arrived last week & I spent 15 mins espousing to my family the beauty of it, simply as an object. As a Architect myself I very much appreciate, & can almost smell the sweat & feel the anxiety & energy of those involved in getting this product from the initial idea (you Ayla) to full production & then marketed.  It is a lovely piece of casting. 
So then we all went out to our lovely dry wood pile & every  member of our family did a test run. As you always knew it would Alya (so did I), it works a treat, even my younger teenage daughter acknowledged that & now has no excuse not to "bring in the firewood".
Kind regards Mark  

Thank you …it arrived on Tuesday…it works brilliantly….

Received my KC yesterday....Ayla , you did too good a job on this...I now have a mountain of kindling! It is so easy to use!
Many thanks for such a cool and very well made item. 5 stars
Regards Dave

Hello kindling crackers extraordinaire!
Just wanted to let you know that we picked up the package yesterday and with great excitement went to the garage to crack wood.
It was magnificent - thoroughly satisfying and addictive - the wood pile has never been so enthusiastically approached -  we are delighted!
And shortly will order another one.
Thank you again

Works a treat, thanks so much. Colene

Thank you ,I will send pics once I get started on my pile of wood .
well done  from a very proud owner  of this  product.It  is indeed put together perfectly.
Barb from Whitianga

Yes I am another very satisfied customer - mine arrived last week and I was straight out to try it - I live alone and am having chemotherapy for cancer and need all the help I can get - chopping kindling has always been a struggle for me and I love my fire - so a very big thank you - it is an awesome little invention

Hi Ayla,
My Kindling Cracker arrived 5 minutes ago!
All I can say is wow! Well done!
A very professionally made and presented product.
A lot of time and thought must have gone into it to get it to where it is today.
You and your team deserve a big pat on the back.
It has been great to get regular updates from you which has kept up my interest.
I will be following your progress on Facebook and on your website.
Regards Mat

Our order arrived this week & has been put to the test.
You've ticked 11 out of 10 boxes.  Brava!  
Thank you.  Really, thank you for such a thoughtful invention.

Hi Ayla,Just received my kindling cracker this morning, cut up some kindling,and it is the best thing since sliced bread, you have done great,with the design and looks it would also look great on the mantle piece, so i will order a second one for my daughter and son in-law soon, all the best for the future. 

My KC turned up today, thanks. Test crack worked like a charm. Andrew

The cracker arrived safe and sound and we have already used it. It is great, sturdy and easy to use. Keep the good ideas coming.

No 61 has arrived and it is a cracker! go well, 

I received my brilliant Kindling Cracker today, many thanks. Dave

It is great and I do hope that my son appreciated his Christmas Present! One pre used (tested by the ultimate authority and one previous owner – Mum) Kindling Cracker. Now I no longer will have that task, thank you again and again. 
Regards Linda

My order for your Kindling Cracker arrived today thank-you it looks great!  But I wanted to let you know I am giving it to my mother for her 90th birthday on 11th Nov, she will love it.
Kind Regards