How do I sharpen my Kindling Cracker firewood splitter?

Only ever needs a quick lick with a medium grade metal file. 

Is there somewhere where I can view the products?
We do not currently have a retail outlet in New Zealand or Australia. However we are more than happy to answer your questions regarding the products before you commit to a purchase. 
If you are in USA or Canada please contact Northern Tools & Equipment to find out where you can view, if you are a retailer in USA please contact Great Northern Equipment (GNE), you can purchase them online in most parts of the world via our 'Buy Now Page'

If you are in Japan please contact Fireside Company Ltd via our 'Buy Now Page'

If you are in Europe it is best to go to our 'Buy Now Page' and select 'The rest of Europe', then click on your flag/country, the website will then come up in your language.

Why can't I find these in all stores?
The Kindling Cracker firewood splitters are only available online from our website in New Zealand and Australia at this stage.
If you are in USA or Canada please contact Northern Tools & Equipment to find a store near you.
If you are in Japan please contact the Fireside Company Ltd.

Some stores in Europe do have them, but it is best to go to our 'Buy Now Page' and select 'The rest of Europe', then click on your flag/country, the website will then come up in your language, then please use the contact details on these sites to find out where.  

Do I have to order on-line?
No, you don’t have to order online, please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements.
(See the answer below for ‘I don’t have a credit card...’ )

I don't have a credit card so can I pay into your bank account?
We have internet banking and its called PoLi, simply select this after you have put your address details in and proceed to the check out, PayPal is also another option.

I paid with my credit card but didn't get any email confirmation and I don't know if it went through or not?
Sometimes there may be a slight delay in receiving the email confirmation, if you do not receive one within two
hours please contact us and we will look into it for you.

I think my order went through twice - can you check please?
Sure we can, just let us know via our contact form and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 working hours.

Is an invoice sent out with the goods? 
The purchaser will receive payment confirmation as part of their online purchase process. The  documentation we supply with the goods in NZ is a packing note which shows the recipient's  address, our contact details, the product purchased, amount paid and it also includes our GST number.
International orders will receive a commercial invoice in compliance with regulations.

Do you charge GS/VAT or Duty for exports (goods leaving NZ)? 
In New Zealand GST will be included in the purchase price of your order. 
In Australia you will not be charged any Duty or GST for orders (under $1000AU).
For all other countries, in some instances your goods may be subject to Import Duty and VAT, but these
charges vary from country to country. If your parcel is stopped at customs for some reason you may be
asked to pay the charges before you receive your goods.

I can’t seem to be able to order online?
We make every effort to ensure our website is 100% functional at all times.
However, if you encounter a fault or error, please email info@kindlingcracker.com with the relevant information
and we will ensure it is resolved ASAP. 

What happens to my credit card details after I have placed an order?
We do not store ANY credit card details after purchase. Payments are processed  securely by the highly
trusted payment providers – EWay, PoLi and PayPal.


What countries do you ship to?
We currently ship our products throughout New Zealand and to Australia.  Great Northern Equipment (GNE) distribute to shops all over USA and Northern Tools and Equipment sell in USA and distribute to Canada, we also have two large distributors in Europe who distribute to most of Europe, the Fireside Company is our distributor in Japan and we are working on getting more distribution set up in other countries, if you have a special request please contact us 

What shipping methods do you use? 
We work with reputable and reliable national and multi-national Shipping Carriers to get your products to
you as cost effectively, and quickly, as possible. These include: New Zealand Post, Courier Post, AU Post and UPS Worldwide

What if I miss the delivery of my order?
Unless you specify on your order that your products can be left at your delivery address if you are not home,
a Card-to-Call will be  left. You will then need to call the carrier to organise pick up or re-delivery

Can I pick mine up?
No sorry we do not have an outlet so all orders are sent out.

Who do I talk to if I haven't had my Kindling Cracker arrive?
Just email us and we will look into it for you. 
Does it have a warranty?
Yes, if there is any fault in our manufacturing with your Kindling Cracker within  five years from purchase we will replace it for you. (Full details can be found under Warranties in our Customer Support section)

What if I don't like it can I get a refund?
We take great care to supply quality goods packaged well. However if your goods are damaged you will be covered by our manufacturers’ warranty, we do not refund for change of mind so please ensure you are happy with the goods prior to  purchase. Anyway there is no way you won’t like it!

Is this safe to use?
These are extremely easy to use, and safe because you are no longer swinging a sharp instrument past your hands (e.g. Axe) 

Will it need sharpening?
The unique design of the Kindling Cracker means the blade does not need to be razor sharp.
You can lay it flat and sharpen it with a metal file if you would like your blade sharper.
Will it wear out with lots of use?
We use only top-grade materials and insist on high-quality local manufacturing. Our Kindling Cracker firewood splitters have been created to offer maximum longevity and should last for generations if cared for and used correctly.

How do I look after my Kindling Cracker?
You could wire brush it and give it a lick of paint from time to time, or protect it with Bee's wax.

Do I get a hammer or mallet with it?
This is an optional extra in New Zealand and Australia, we recommend a 3lb Stoning hammer/Mallet or Club hammer for the original and a long handled 3lb. or maybe a 4lb. one for the King (you might already have one?) or you can simply use another piece of wood.
Do I need any tools to put it together once I get it?
No the Kindling Cracker now comes in one piece

Is there a wait on getting them made?
They are currently 'Hand Made' in Australia, so some delays may happen if we have a lot of orders to fill.  We will let you know when you order if there is any unusual delays.

Can I buy them from you and sell some in my shop like a distributor?
We are always open to talking about these options so please contact us or our distributors online.
Is this safe to have around the house near children or animals?
It is much safer than an axe due to the safety ring, however we do recommend whilst it is not in use that you put it up and out of the way of children.
What size is it? Are there different sizes? 

The safety ring on the original Kindling Cracker firewood splitter is 170mm ID (this is the internal diameter of the ring which the wood fits through) and the weight is 5kg.  

The safety ring on the King is 220mm (ID) and the weight is 10kg. 

Bits of firewood slightly smaller than the ID measurements will work just fine, the King will take larger and longer bits of firewood than the original and they look really cool too :)

If your firewood is too large to fit into the safety ring it should be large enough to stand up by itself on a chopping block while you chop it down to size with an axe.  With wood this size being able to stand on its own your hands should be nowhere near the piece of wood whilst swinging an axe. 

If you need to steady the firewood from falling over then it should be able to fit through your Kindling Cracker firewood splitter and this is why making kindling with a Kindling Cracker firewood splitter is a lot safer for your hands. 

Most firewood stacks have random sized wood and lots of it will fit into a Kindling Cracker firewood splitter, we tell customers when stacking their firewood to put the smaller bits with a clean grain (minimal knots) to one side to use with the Kindling Cracker firewood splitter, this way they most likely wouldn’t need to chop any down to size.

Is it too heavy for me to lift?
Weighing 5kg (the original) or 10kg (the King) most people will be able to lift and move them around easily.

Will it rust or put dirty or oily marks on my floors or carpet?
We recommend that it does not sit on your carpet especially if you have used it outdoors as there may be dirt or moisture on the base, and yes being made out of cast iron they can get a surface rust over time if left outside but they can be re-painted if you like. 

You could also use Bee's wax on it to help protect it from surface rust.

Can I use it inside or only outside?
It’s up to you; it can be either inside or outside. If using inside please use on a solid surface (not tiles for example).
If I use it will it damage my floors with the hammer force on it?
This may occur over time so please ensure that you have the KC on a suitable surface, we recommend that it is used outside or on a wooden block inside.

Is it true that many people really hurt themselves chopping wood and kindling?
Yes there are so many injuries every year caused by people using axes, tomahawks, flying wood etc. Injuries such as cuts, strains and even lost fingers!
How can this product stop that happening?
The Kindling Cracker firewood splitter is designed to keep the sharp objects away from you and helps protect you with a safety ring.  If used correctly the KC will reduce strains and injuries too as it is so much easier to cut kindling with less force required and you have no sharp blade coming down towards you.

Will you be bringing out new models or colours - could I get mine painted?
Who knows what the future will bring in regards to different models etc and sure you can paint your one any colour you like, just make sure you use a good quality outdoor paint.